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Based on a 1936 design by the well known cycle builder BILL BAINES of BRADFORD.

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Some frequently asked questions

Q. Is it more responsive?
A. Certainly - everyone who has bought one of my frames agrees on this point
and the impressive results and letters I receive confirm this.
Q. Why is that?

A.Because I use a vertical tube from the bottom bracket. This brings the back wheel closer
to the bottom bracket, shortens the drive and hence makes it more positive and responsive.
A vertical tube will take the sideward thrust from the cranks better than a sloping seat tube.

Q.Any more advantages?
A.Yes the small diameter struts from the rear drop-outs to the vertical tube on the top tube hold it
FIRM and eliminate the whip between the head and seat when carrying heavy loads, as tourists do.
You can make the top tube any length without altering the geometry of the frame,
from the very short to long to suit all cyclists. It's a real advantage on tandems.
Q.What about the extra weight of those struts?
A.There is very little extra weight as the vertical tube is a smaller diameter than a standard seat tube
and this almost offsets the extra struts, but the increased efficiency due to the lack of whip
and its positive drive more than offsets this many times over.

Q.How did it get the name?
A. in 1936 it became an instant success with everyone who used one, improving their times;
in fact they were 'flying' hence the nickname. The word 'gate' may well have been adopted
because it opened up a new concept on design at that time.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about this design,

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