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T.J. Cycles International 'Flying Gate' Weekend 2014

The 16th 'Flying Gate' Weekend
'Mortimer country' based in Kingsland
takes place on Thursday 28th to Sunday the 31st of August

Details of Mortimer country can be found at:

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This years 'Flying Gate weekend' location is a very popular area for walkers, cyclist, and country lovers alike.
I have now made the “Corners Inn” (www.thecornersinn.com)  at Kingsland (www.kingslandlife.com) our HQ, it ticked all the boxes for our needs, good accommodation, beer, evening meals and is central to all the B&B accommodation
I have based the weekend on a full 3 day’s rides, 4 night stay, as Keith did for us last year, which worked well with ever one, the “Master Plan” is currently as follows.

THURSDAY 28TH; Meet in the evening for an informal meal at HQ for a good chat on what we have all been up to in the past year !!!!! and details of tomorrows ride.

FRIDAY 29TH; VISIT TO LUDLOW. www.ludlow.org.uk
Start from HQ to coffee stop at Berrington Hall (www.nationaltrust.org.uk/berrington-hall) then onto Ludlow all through the lanes of the area. There will be 2 different routes to and from Ludlow details of why will be clear in the route book.
Ludlow is a very interesting place therefore I propose not pre-book lunch’s as you may wish to choose one of the many nice little café’s / pub’s in the town,
but there will be one main assemble establishment to meet and eat, again it will be clear from the route book.
There will also be a half day ride set out for those who can not make the full day The day will end with a good evening meal at HQ. The speaker for the evening will be me, sorry about that, explaining the Saturday ride and all sorts of things.

Start from HQ with a pick up at the Bateman Inn. This is will be a ride you will not forget as for some reason they build observatories on the top of hill’s !!! but I have made plans to help those who may need assistant.
It will be good and interesting ride into the Mortimer countryside with panoramic views up to the conservatory; the ride back is a lovely one, a real cyclist route with lots of “down hill”.
A free picnic lunch will be available at the observatory which will be provided by my son Chris and Paddy, with lots of Paddy’s cakes, do you remember them from a few years back.
I just hope we are going to have good weather for this run; it just can’t rain any more. To end the day the evening meal will be at HQ. I am trying to get a good speaker for the evening;
it is just a matter of catching him at home when he is not all over the world with pro-cyclist.

SUNDAY 31ST; THE JUDGE’S LODGINGS. www.judgeslodging.org.uk The run will start from HQ. Todays route will take you through the picturesque villages of Eardisland and Pembridge
to visit places of interest before winding your way through lanes to Presteigne for a bar lunch at “The Radnor Arms Inn”.
After lunch you will be summand to court at the “Judges Lodgings” (www.judgeslodging.org.uk) which I think you will find interesting.
There will be 2 routes back to HQ one through the lanes and the other more direct just in case some members have to travel back home. The evening meal will be a formal Sunday roast at HQ.
I am looking forward to meeting you all again and I hope you enjoy the program I have set out for you all and as I always say “I hope the weather will be good for us” in this lovely area.

As always please book accommodation as soon as possible, if you need the list of establishments, please contact Trevor.

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