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T.J. Cycles International 'Flying Gate' Weekend 2014

The 16th 'Flying Gate' Weekend
'Mortimer country' based in Kingsland
took place on Thursday 28th to Sunday the 31st of August

Details of Mortimer country can be found at:

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The 16th Flying Gate weekend in “Mortimer Country” near Leominster was a great success and much enjoyed by 55 members. The headquarters (HQ) for the weekend was based at “The Corners Inn” Kingsland from where the 3 days of riding started and finished.
The weekend started on Thursday evening with a meal at HQ and by welcoming everybody, which included 3 new members with another one arriving later, this made up for the 7 members who could not make it this year including one from Norway.
The route books were handed out and I gave full details of what we were in for over during the weekend.

Please click on photos see see original full size images (file sizes vary).

Berrington Hall with 'Flying Gates' on steps

Some of the group on the steps of Berrington Hall.

Berrington_hall with 'flying Gates in archways

3 Flying Gates rampant, in the arches at Berrington Hall.

Fridays ride saw the first stop at Berrington Hall where the Edwardian Kitchen was especially opened for our tea/coffee stop. It was pointed out that the route book said Victorian kitchen, well it was only 100 years out and the tea was still warm.
It was then onto the interesting town of Ludlow via the lower Goggin for lunch at the Bull Hotel which had laid the breakfast room out for our lunch.
Some of the stronger riders braved the hilly route of the Goggin and Whitecliff hills and were treated to panoramic views and a long down hill run into Ludlow, later to be ridden up!!!!.
After a good lunch it drizzled with rain for the long climb out of Ludlow through the Mortimer forest but this was well rewarded with long down hills to the Watering Hole café at Aymestrey before going back to our B&B’s and a good evening meal at HQ.
Saturdays ride was to be a hilly one and every one was just ready for it with all the warnings that had been given.
The object of the day was to be The Spaceguard Centre at the top of “Stonewall Hill” near Knighton which tracks all the near earth objects that pose a threat to our planet.

Alison on a 'Flying Gate' trike climbing Stonewall Hill.

Alison climbing Stonewall Hill on her Trike.

Cliff on a 'Flying Gate' climbing Stonewall Hill.

Cliff (I feel no pain) on the front of the tandem at the top of Stonewall Hill.

The visit was extremely interesting and was enjoyed by all saying the climb was well worth it, I think is what they said!!!, the picnic lunch that Paddy, Chris and Linda provided at the top of the hill certainly went down well.
The hill proved quite a challenge to most enjoying it in many different ways. The great climbs of the day were done by Ross and Becky, a fantastic effort, Chris Froome would have been proud of you, well done to you both, Doug even shed 7 stone to do it !!!.

Dave's trainer stats Stonewall Hill

Dave's Polar ProTrainer 5 stats for Saturdays ride.

Dave Clarke rode fixed wheel which I said could not be achieved, but he did with the odd 24 inch gear (2 Feet) and reported at the evening meal on the energy spent on the day’s ride which was;
34 miles, 2000 feet of climbing, 2065 calories used, 24,098 heart beats, with an average heartbeat of 126.
The ride back had lots of down hill riding, as you may expect, through some lovely lanes but due to poor road surfaces great care had to be taken. All in all it was a great day.
The evening meal at HQ went well as usual the food and atmosphere was good with lots of banter about the day’s ride and the wonders of the Spaceguard Centre.

Andy Thomas

Andy adding a touch of sartorial elegance to the world of Lycra and Spandex.

Water Gardens Cafe

Some of the group enjoying the facilities at the Water Gardens Café.

During the evening I announced my retirement and handed over to my fellow Gater’s who are going to make sure the unique spirit which we have remains and the“Flying Gate” name and set up remains true to form, they are;
Jeremy is the builder of the Flying gate frames and owns the rights and will hold all my workshop records and transfers etc,
Arthur Knowler takes over the organisation of the Flying Gate weekends,
Doug Poll continues to administer the web site and will take over the Baines register and Baines memorabilia,
Chris Wright will assist with general admin and other work as required,
it is a team with the object taking the Flying Gate into the future. During the evening I presented those present with a picture showing 16 years of “Flying Gate weekends”
also a trophy to be given at each Flying Gate weekend to a recipient who has done some thing special on the weekend, a fun thing.

Sunday’s ride was to be a much flatter ride and the sun shone to take a route round some of the best Black and white villages in Herefordshire for a tea stop at “The Water Gardens Café” which was a very interesting place.
On the road again more lanes were travelled through small villages to Presteigne for lunch at the old black and white inn “The Radnorshire Arms”. After lunch it was onto “The Judge’s Lodging” in Presteigne.

Judges lodgings

Trevor holding court over the unruly mob.

This proved to be another very interesting visit and was enjoyed by all. Continuing on the riders made their way on the last section of the day to Shobdon airport café and entertained by light planes taking off and landing
before making headway for the B & b’s to get ready for the evening meal and some having to make their way home.
It was another great weekend of cycling and friendship and on Monday morning the final gathering took place at HQ to say our goodbyes and best wishes for another year.
Next years Flying Gate weekend will be in the Rutland area on the 4th-5th & 6th September 2015 which everyone is looking forward and will be organised by Arthur Knowler,
details of which will be on the web site at the end of January.

For my final words I would like to say a big thank you to all my fellow “Gaters” for your wonderful support and friendship over the years and I look forward to cycling with you next year when I will have to read the route book !!!!!


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